Argument in favor of civil marriage$ in I$rael

If you are tourist (or are planning to tour Israel), then I'm sorry to disappoint you. It would not be easy for you to marry in the Holy Land with the Western Wall as your background (if you are Jewish), Bethlehem or See of Galilee or Nazereth (if you are Christian), or Temple of the Rock (if you are Muslim), or the Bahai Temple (if you are Bahai). In fact, if you want to marry someone not exactly of your faith or your contemplated marriage is forbidden by the laws of your official religion - you are out of luck (as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton discovered to their chagrin when they visited Israel and wanted to re-marry there - about 20 years ago).

If you are not tourist but are Israeli, especially someone who is in business catering to tourists, then: Israel is missing huge potential tourist market in not making it possible or easy for tourists to marry in Israel as part of their tour. Imagine the attraction of marrying in the Holy Land! Imagine the huge revenues to marriage organizers from flying in all the guests of the rich couples who wish to marry in Israel! Look at the profits which hotels in Cyprus are making from Israeli couples who marry in Cyprus!