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The bright side of the USA-USSR nuclear arms race

This article was originally written at 1987 Dec 13 and published in the Physics discussion list. The only modification made to it was inclusion of reference to a Sci-Fi book which has a related theme.

Mohammed's Tomb

Location of Mohammed's Tomb

Once upon a time, in the old Physics mailing list, there were some postings of Moslem astronomers who want to research the times of Moon sightings.

This reminded me that I read somewhere that some people claim that the remains of Mohammed the Prophet are suspended in the sky somewhere between Earth and Moon. If they used modern terminology, they would have claimed that Mohammed's remains are a satellite.

Evolution, time machines and language

0. Preliminary

Evolution (of living things, engineering designs or whatever) proceeds through construction of instances of the evolving object, such as an insect. For each instance, the details of its construction are a bit different, according to the set of genes which it carries. In the case of computer programs (for example), the term "genes" is not to be understood literally but as source code, which can have different versions.