Business advantages of Free Software for me

I decided that whenever I have the choice to do so, I'll use only Free Software in my freelancing business, and I never had a reason to regret this decision.

My favorite programming language for scripts and applications is Python, whose implementation is Free Software. Python is powerful yet easy to learn and use. Python comes with several packages, which can do almost anything you need.

For me, Free Software has the following advantages:

  • Very powerful tools available for free.
  • Amazingly easy installation of software once I find I need it - it and its installer are developer-friendly/user-friendly rather than vendor-friendly.
  • No need to deal with licensing when installing software on additional PCs.
  • No planned technological obsolescence - what I spent time learning 5 years ago is useful also today. New software versions are backwards-compatible. No one is forced to upgrade just to make more money for the vendor.

Israeli Free Software based service providers are listed in the Wiki of Hamakor.
There are also service providers specializing in Drupal and Wordpress - the above page links to lists of those providers.