Business advantages of Free Software for me

I decided that whenever I have the choice to do so, I'll use only Free Software in my freelancing business, and I never had a reason to regret this decision.

Evaluation of Python Sound Modules

Background For a project, I needed to evaluate sound processing modules for use in software written in Python. After finishing my evaluation, I decided to make the evaluation criteria and results publicly available. This way, more people can also help themselves and other people by sending me corrections and information about new Python sound modules.

Omer Zak's Computer Related Itches Page


One of the advantages of Open Source Software is that if anything itches you, you can develop, or pay someone else - like me - to develop something to scratch your itch.

In this page you'll find links to some little things which I developed to scratch my own itches.

Maybe you'll find here something useful for you, too.