Very Annoying Spam

This particular spam E-mail is very annoying to me. It is annoying because it appears to have come from a political party, which I otherwise would have considered voting for in the coming 10 February 2009 elections in Israel. And now I cannot consider voting for them, due to my policy of zero tolerance of spam.

It is an appeal to vote for the party of the people with disabilities (מפלגת הנכים) in those elections.

The first time I got the E-mail, I thought it was sent to me because I am in some mailing list of people with disabilities. The second time, it was sent to an E-mail address which is not publicly known and which I never use for subscribing to mailing lists.

It was also sent from a gmail account, rather than from the party’s own domain.

I sent spam complaint E-mails to both my E-mail provider and the real party’s E-mail address, as publicized in their Web site.

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Comment by Ira
2009-02-04 13:38:55

Omer, I’m hoping this is just one more reason to talk to anyone you know about NOT voting to sectarian parties, and instead look for a social-democratic party with a wide agenda as in Hadash/Meretz/Yeruka-Meimad. Specifically Ilan Gilon from Meretz maybe (though I’m with Yeruka-Meimad myself).

This is the first elections campaign where I absolutely can’t condone not voting, or voting for a sectarian party, because wasted votes will just become another vote for Bibi or maybe even Liberman, and you know what those shmucks think about civil rights and helping the edges of society :-(

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