Some thoughts about the placebo effect

WARNING: if the following can be made to work, several medical practitioners, mostly of the alternative medicine persuasion, will have to seek another employment to supplement their income.

The placebo effect is a well known phenomenon, which was scientifically confirmed to exist. It is said to happen when a sick person gets well even if the pill or treatment, which he gets, are known to be powerless by themselves to heal him. The placebo effect works by suggestion, which causes the patient’s brain to somehow command the body to heal itself. The exact mechanism has not been elucidated by science.

It would be good idea to develop methods to deliberately evoke the placebo effect. In other words, to train people to be able to auto-suggest that they are getting the appropriate treatment for whatever is ailing them - even without going to a medical practitioner or getting any medication.

One way in which this maybe could be done is to get the patient to remember a past incident, in which he got a medicine and felt that it is affecting him and he is getting well thanks to it - and to play back the incident in his mind.

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