Is Nokia E90 an upgrade for Nokia 9210i users?

Yesterday I met Erez and he demonstrated to me his new Nokia E90.
I am a Nokia 9210i user, and it still serves me well, after several years.
The Nokia E90 is good looking. It features a full keyboard - very useful for writing SMS messages. It has a built in camera, so I would not need to carry with me also a digital camera. It is capable of storing hundreds of MB of digital data. There is even a barcode reading and decoding application!


  • It does not have a FAX application, which Nokia 9210i has and which I consider to be essential, even though nowadays I do not use it frequently.
  • In the SMS application, it is very awkward to enter textual data, which mixes Hebrew and Latin letters.
    • Switching between those two keyboards is a 3-key operation rather than a single-key operation, as in Nokia 9210i (or 2 keys pressed simultaneously in personal computers).
    • If you press the Shift key while you are in Hebrew keyboard mode, you still get Hebrew letter - rather than uppercase Latin letter, as in all personal computer keyboards and in Nokia 9210i.

Conclusion: I’ll pass on it, and wait for the next model with similar features.

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Comment by PeachUK
2008-06-15 10:25:21

Never mind the E90, this one (Nokia N95) is way superior and also has built in GPS facility!
I could not see if it has a fax facility but, correct me if I am wrong, could you not just the message facility and send to a fax number in the same way as you would send a text or email?

Comment by Ira
2008-06-15 11:44:11

The E-90, I was told, is being discontinued. after 9300 and 9500 models were also problematic, I’m actually surprised the E-90 even began to sell at all (I only saw it at mobile developers’ labs).

since all smartphones today come with Email apps, I think faxes can finally die in piece and stop hurting the environment.

Comment by TDDPirate
2008-06-18 15:05:03

According to my source of information, E90 is not going to be discontinued.
However, the 9300 and 9500 will probably be discontinued.

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