Responsible adult vs. lawsuit-happy childish

There are some countries, in which people are lawsuit-happy. USA is the notorious example. In such countries, whenever something bad happens to someone, he sues the nearest deep-pocketed individual or organization.

As a reaction, several organizations make laws restricting the freedom of people to take risks and do things. The organizations know that they cannot expect people to take responsibility for their mistakes.

The result is that even responsible people have their freedom limited. Because someone else was bruised and sued the organization for $2 million, you cannot take that shortcut way but have to walk the long way.

The problem is that people do not declare if they want to be treated as responsible adults or as irresponsible (but lawsuit-happy) children. My proposal is that each service provider shall register its clients as either childish or mature.

  • If you are childish, you are restricted, but can sue the organization for any slight wrongdoing.
  • If you are mature, you are expected to accept responsibility for whatever is happening to you. You may sue only at extreme circumstances.

People will declare how they want to be treated - as childish or as mature. The declaration for one organization is not related to declaration for another organization.

The distinction is by competence. For example, someone may want to be adult car driver yet childish scuba diver. Some organizations may want to provide more than two maturity levels (gradual steps from childish to mature). The declaration is not reversible - once you declared yourself as a mature adult, you cannot revert to being childish.

If you do not know if you can handle a situation, you may want the organization serving you to provide you with a self-test to help you decide if you want to be considered as childish or as mature in your dealings with the organization in question.

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