It must be a Monty Python skit!

The TDDPirate was red-haired (what the English call “ginger”) at his childhood. He remembers people being positive about his hair color.

He was startled by the news items Red-headed family forced to move after ‘ginger’ hate campaign and Is gingerism as bad as racism?.

Turns out that in England, red-haired people are singled out for teasing and harassment. And this is not an April Fool Day story either.

Thanks to peachuk for the links to the above news items.

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Comment by peachuk
2007-06-07 09:08:08

I conducted a small poll this morning among friends at work as to their views on ginger hair and the comments varied but were mainly negative. The funniest one I received was : “the hair itself is not the problem… well actually it is cos it clashes with nearly every outfit… and then you have the very pale skin and that… so ok its safe to say that if I ever have kids and one comes out ginger, I am sending it back registered post with no return address…” ! Recently, this TV programme was aired and in it, the guy put an advert on a dating site and specified he was ginger - he didn't get a single reply !


Comment by Anonymous
2007-06-07 12:30:33

And - in case you thought it was purely an English phenomenon to make fun of gingers, take a look at this US site -


2007-08-20 06:53:38

[…] מסתבר שבבריטניה הג’ינג’ים הם עם נרדף, כמו שגיליתי הרגע דרך פוסט אצל עומר זק. […]

Comment by Omer Zak
2007-08-26 06:14:18

The writer of the above Hebrew-language blog confesses that he is fatally attracted to ginger women. Some of the talkbackists made a similar confession, as well.

Different countries, different beauty concepts.

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