Hasamba-style Questions about Windows Vista Sales

It was publicized that Microsoft sold 40 million licenses of its Windows Vista OS. The question is if this is for real or not?

For real:

  • Microsoft’s revenues during Q1 2007 were reported to be much higher than in previous quarters.

But more than 10% of those revenues are deferred income from the Software Assurance program, which is being recognized now.

Reasons to doubt whether those numbers mean much:

  • The already publicized reason - it is not known whether those licenses represent PCs and laptops already sold to the public, or still in warehouses.
  • How many developers received licenses as part of their MSDN subscriptions?
  • How many licenses were disbursed at no extra cost to those, who paid for Software Assurance during the last few years?

And I still do not mention the question how many people tried Windows Vista and then switched back to Windows XP. In those cases, Microsoft already got the money for the Vista license, and the customer got several more gigabytes, with which to fill his bookshelf.

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Comment by Anonymous
2007-05-24 08:48:35

I bet most copies are given away with new PCs or Laptops




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