How to say "my car was stolen"?

  • The bastards stole my car shortly before it was going to need overhaul!
  • My car succumbed to the charms of a car thief and eloped with him.
  • My car has been organlegged (inspired by Larry Niven).
  • I suspect that my car was enlisted to assist in a bank robbery.
  • My car was sold, in exchange for $0 and notification of the police, to a car thief.
  • The powers from the Guild of Car Thieves decided for me that it is the time to explore the antics of public transportation and my friends’ cars, as a passenger.

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Comment by Anonymous
2007-01-24 09:05:02

How about “my car hates me and has decided to divorce me and leave home”!!!!


Comment by shlomif
2007-01-28 17:56:29

Nice, I liked this entry.

I'm trying to think of something with Chuck Norris in it, but cannot. Oh well.



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