About having two ears and one mouth

According to Dale Carnegie, God gave humans two ears and only one mouth so that they’ll speak less and listen more.
For deaf people, it is two eyes vs. one mouth.
What about exterrestrials with two mouths and one ear? If they have a Dale Carnegie, he would have said to them that this is what they got because speech is cheap - they got two mouths - but listening is precious - they have only one ear for this.

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Comment by ext_6978
2007-01-16 01:15:14

as you may know, The Jatravartids have 50 arms each…


Comment by tddpirate
2007-01-16 19:13:13

Given their arms, it can be assumed that most of their communication is carried out by waving their arms in complicated patterns i.e. by a form of Sign Language. They also hold few different simultaneous conversations with different people, allocating few arms to each conversation. However, they can listen only to one or two conversationalist each time, because they have the normal number of eyes.

Therefore, the hypothetical Jatravartid Carnegie would say that talk is cheap, because they can talk in so many conversations in parallel. But listening is precious, because they can listen only to miserably few conversations in parallel.



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