How to buy a Wii

In Buying a Wii, the blogger in question is sharing with us the hair-raising tale of his adventure. The yarn is probably fictional. Nevertheless, it is a good read.

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Comment by Anonymous
2006-12-17 07:29:25

My friend, Gavin, is also after one of these new toys - they are like gold dust here, especially with the run up to Christmas. He scours the internet looking for where and when one of these precious items may be in stock and then he'll make a trek down the motorway to whichever shop or outlet it may be. Yesterday, he heard a whisper that TRU in Portsmouth had some in stock so he was down there for 0800 when they opened. Unfortunately for him, the car park was packed solid with some people having been there since 0600 so he left - once again - empty handed.



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