The best ten Seinfeld episodes

Several years ago, there was this series “Seinfeld”. I did not watch it from the beginning, but near the end I got more and more drawn to it.
One day it was going to be over. I saw the final program where they had a trial and were convicted due to all their sins.

There was a contest where people chose the best ten episodes, and they were aired one after another one evening when I did not going to have time to view them. I asked a friend to record the episodes in a VCR, and the friend recorded them.

The episodes were aired in reverse order of their rankings, so the best episode was the last one to be aired.
The video recording was cut off in middle of 9th episode (the 2nd best one). So I missed the best two episodes.

Few years later the best episode was broadcasted, and I enjoyed the story of how Elaine caused the Nazi soup establishment to be closed. It remained to view the missing part of the 2nd best one - The Contest. Today I decided I must at least read its transcript. Quickly I located it in Seinfeld Lists - The Contest.

Ohh-Uhh, now I can have a good night’s sleep [sic].

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