The art of procrastination

Paul Graham: Good and Bad Procrastination
Paul Graham resurrecting Richard Hamming’s talk: You and Your Research
Aaron Swartz: HOWTO: Be more productive

Paul Graham would have said that all three above are good procrastinations.
Anyway, at this moment I am procrastinating.

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Comment by mulix
2005-12-29 05:10:25

All of these are good, but my number one procrastination link is:


Comment by tddpirate
2005-12-29 05:20:41

I am avoiding writing up about a cool product idea based upon signal processing, which will (once complete) be handed off to someone else for development and serious moneymaking, in exchange for allowing me to use his technology to implement another and even cooler product idea.

What were you avoiding doing? :-)

Comment by mulix
2005-12-29 05:27:32

My todo list is overflowing. But just the stuff that I really *must* be doing right now:

- implement another stage of my compiler
- work on a scheme interpreter
- write up a patent disclosure on $SUBJECT
- work on paper number 1 for Usenix (Jan. 17 deadline)
- work on paper number 2 for Usenix (same deadline)

Life is hard, let's go shopping.


Comment by tddpirate
2005-12-29 06:25:00

But procrastinate we must do!



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