Difference between blog and Usenet/E-mail/Web discussion group

When you blog, you set the agenda.

You discuss whatever you feel to be interesting,
        or valuable.

You build, or fail to build, a community.
A community of people who add insightful comments to your posts.
A community of people who share your sense of the worth of your blog stuff.

On the other hand,

Usenet discussion groups,
    E-mail based discussion groups,
        and Web forums

hold true group discussions.
The BDFT (Benevolent Dictator For a Term) moderator
Is Always Someone Else.

Your important messages
The ones which cost you love, sweat, tears and blood
Are the ones which are left without responses
Sometimes they are unmentioned.
Even if you were not trolling for attention.
The ones who get attention are the trolls,
who do get fed.

The group discussions go on
The group discussions drift here and there
The group discussions wander aimlessly
The group discussions ignore whatever is precious and dear to you
The group discussions may have originated from your brain
But then they have their own independent life.
The group discussions are not subordinate to your wishes or values.
People sometimes take the liberty of telling you to go and have a life.

On the other hand,
If people do not like your blogged stuff,
They simply ignore it
They simply do not read it
They simply do not comment on it.

When you are normally introvert
When you are not used to letting people
have a peek at your way of viewing the world
When the reason for opening a blog

When the reason was your desire to develop and discuss a special idea
When you feel like you speak to the black hole
The black hole which swallows your spoken and written stuff

Which demolishes it to its constituent leptons, baryons, and mesons.
When you feel like that
When your creative juices somehow start flowing.
It is then that you try to imitate post-modern art
And you write poems which do not gyre,
do not gimble
and most importantly - do not rhyme.


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