Using the Internet to help Jewish organizations

Introduction This document started as a summary of discussions on the ORGANIZE list which operated on the Jerusalem1 system between November 1993 and March 1995. Now it is oriented toward those organizations which want to start using the Internet to further their goals. Also organizations which already use the Internet can benefit from browsing this document and getting ideas for more optimal use of their Internet connection.

Open issues

Introduction This document covers some organizational issues, which have no clear-cut answers. Any organization, which wishes to fully exploit the capabilities of the Internet, has to deal with those issues.

What information can an organization provide to the Internet?

Introduction This document lists ideas for databases and other information which an organization can provide to the Internet, as a service and as a part of its own outreach efforts.

Controversial issues

NOTE: This document is up to date as of 1995. While some of the issues discussed in it did not age, others aged.
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