GEOS Port of Dov Grobgeld's FriBidi Package

Where can I find more information about FriBidi?

The home page of the FriBidi project is at
The Symbian OS port of FriBidi is available at

Why is the GEOS Port based upon an obsolete version of FriBidi?

Simply, because it was the version which was available when we ported it to GEOS. During the work on the port, we found and fixed some bugs, and added some improvements. Most of the fixes and improvements eventually found their way to more recent FriBidi versions.

Few Words About our Sponsor - Ozicom Communications Ltd.

Ozicom Communications Ltd., which sponsored the port to GEOS of the FriBidi package, developed Hebrew support for Nokia 9110 and Hebrew localizations for the Symbian OS based communicators Nokia 9210/9210i; and the Symbian OS based smartphones Nokia 7650/3650, Nokia N-Gage and Sony-Ericsson P900/P910.