Nokia 9110 Hebrew Support Package

Description of the package

This is a package of Hebrew language applications for the Nokia 9110 Communicator. It allows people to use the Nokia 9110 Communicator to send FAX messages written in Hebrew, as well as send and receive Hebrew SMS messages.

The package was developed by the Israeli company Ozicom Communications Ltd. to make it possible for the deaf in Israel to use the Nokia 9110 Communicator including its ability to send and receive FAX messages via the GSM cellular network.

Since the Nokia 9110 is no longer manufactured, Ozicom Communications Ltd. management decided to release the software under GPL and make it possible for any interested persons to add their improvements to the package under the terms of the GPL.

During the years since developing the Nokia 9110 Hebrew Support Package, Ozicom Communications Ltd. focused its efforts on development of Hebrew localizations for instruments based upon the Symbian OS, such as the Nokia 9210i Communicator, Nokia 7650 and 3650 camera-phones, N-Gage, and Sony-Ericsson P900/P910.

Recently, an Ethiopic support package was developed for Ethiopic text entry and displaying in Series 60 smartphones. This package allows the user to use a standard cellular phone keyboard for text entry, even though the Ethiopic script has more than 300 glyphs. The package allows speakers of languages like Amharic to send and receive text messages in their language.

Download Information

Description Omer Zak's Web site Mirror at Ivrix Web site
Gzipped tarfile, which contains all files 9110Hebrew-1.5.3-all.tgz 9110Hebrew-1.5.3-all.tgz
Zip file, containing binaries ready for installation into Nokia 9110
Zip file, containing only source and build script files

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